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A Higher Love

by Joseph Mazzella on May 22, 2017 in Love

I can still remember the first time a girl broke up with me.  I was just a teenager.  I was riding that hormonal high that a young love brings. The sky seemed brighter. The clouds looked whiter.

I went through my days with a silly grin on my face. I held up my Mom’s phone line with calls to my girlfriend that lasted for hours.  Then suddenly she said that she didn’t want to see me any more.  I was crushed.

My heart felt like it had fallen off a cliff.  I was lower than low.  The sunniest sky still seemed dark and gray.  I went through my days sulky and sad.  My Mom got her phone back because I didn’t want to talk to anybody.  Instead I went for long walks in the woods with only my dog for company.  I wondered if I would ever feel happy again.

Spotlight On Blasphemy

by Steve Popoola on May 8, 2017 in Biblepraise, Faith

The news making the rounds in the last couple of days, is the investigation into Comedian Stephen Fry’s comments made two years ago. The investigation was triggered by a complaint made against him by a member of the Irish public for making Blasphemous remarks. If a decision is made to prosecute Him, Stephen Fry may be facing a fine of about £25,000.


The backlash over this investigation has been making the airwaves with a lot of people calling the investigation silly and irresponsible. I was listening to a radio broadcast and the presenter was obviously livid and you could hear the anger drip from his voice as he berated the Garda Síochána (National Police of Ireland) for such a stupid and unnecessary investigation in this day and age.


I have personally not heard or used the word ‘blasphemy’ in my conversations for quite sometime except when reading the scriptures so I decided to revisit blasphemy with regards to scripture.