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by Steve Popoola on
Proverbs Chapter 7 and 8 describes two women and their strategies for getting the attention of anyone who will listen to them. In Chapter 7 verse 6, the writer observes from the window of his house, young men and a youth who had no sense. I know a lot of young people who are smart and intelligent but who just live life without any thought of the implication of the choices that they make and how it might affect their future.A UK politician who is a candidate for the office of Prime Minister, recently had to face questions over his use of Cocaine 20 years ago. The action as at the time he committed it, was a criminal offence and if he had been caught, he would have gone to prison. A voice lured him to have a taste and enjoy the release he would feel from the effect...
by Steve Popoola on
The longest prayer recorded in scripture that Jesus made is found in John 17 and a significant portion of that prayer was His request that we that is, the church, be connected to God and to one another.Why do we need a connection? Most of the things we rely on today is powered by one energy source or the other. We all communicate via our phones. These phones are powered by batteries and without power in them, they are just useless items. Man was made to connect. In Genesis 3, we read that after Adam and Eve had allowed themselves to be deceived by the snake, they heard God walking in the garden. How did they recognise God's footsteps? It was because they had a connection with the Father and could recognise His presence whenever He visited them. T...
Steve Popoola
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