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Heaven Sent

by Joseph Mazzella on October 24, 2016 in Biblepraise

It was a chilly Autumn morning a few years ago.  I was driving along the mountain roads slower than usual trying to take in all the Fall colors.  It seemed like all of the leaves had changed overnight.  It looked as if God in His good-humor and love had painted the mountains themselves while we slept.

The yellow and gold leaves were sparkling in the sunshine.  The red and orange ones were fluttering brilliantly in the breeze.  The deep, rich burgundies and earthy browns were appearing as well.  The few remaining green ones looked even better being surrounded by the others.  It was so glorious.  It was a day made for happiness.  Yet, a part of me still felt sad, small, and insignificant in the midst of all of this heaven sent beauty.

Packing Light

by Joseph Mazzella on July 27, 2015 in Biblepraise

 Our neighbors had to move away recently.  An older couple they were headed North to help take care of her sisters who were in ill health.  I am going to miss them.  

They were both so good and kind-hearted.  He was a Rembrandt when it came to home repairs and helped both me and my Dad fix up our homes.  She was always ready to share a sweet smile, an encouraging word, and a delicious dessert. 

Glimpses of Heaven

by Joseph Mazzella on November 25, 2013 in Biblepraise

I have always loved watching the sunset. I do so every chance I can. There is something about it that stirs my soul. I sit on my back porch and watch as the sky becomes a tapestry of ever changing colors. Blue, white, yellow, gold, red, orange, pink, and purple all weave together to create something so beautiful and so glorious that it is transcendent.

When you look at it for a brief instant it is like you are getting a glimpse of Heaven.

Letter To Stephen Hawking

by Joseph Mazzella on September 16, 2013 in Belief, Biblepraise

Dear Mr. Hawking,

First let me say that I have always admired you. Your intellectual achievements and your courageous battle against the disease of ALS for all these decades have been an inspiration for thousands of people in this world.

However, when I saw your recent statements on television about how with the law of gravity and physics, science can explain the universe without the need for God I felt moved to write this letter and politely disagree with you.

I may be a simple inspirational writer and not know that much about the laws of the universe. Still, most scientists admit that they don’t know everything about them either.

With Joy and Thanksgiving

by Joseph Mazzella on October 10, 2011 in Biblepraise

I recently got some pictures of my Aunt’s 86th birthday party. Although I haven’t been able to visit her in many years she looked as happy and beautiful as ever. Her eyes sparkled with the same youth and vitality that I remembered from our Summer visits to her home some 35 years ago.

Gazing at her picture took me back in an instant to those wonderful times once again.  Her home was an eight hour drive from ours over mountainous roads so we could only visit during the Summer. When we arrived, though, we were always greeted with hugs, tears, laughter and love. The highlight of our visits was always the early Thanksgiving dinner that we shared.

The Habits of Love

by Joseph Mazzella on February 15, 2011 in Biblepraise

I stopped at the local gas station with my oldest son to fill-up my car the other day. I told him to go on in and get himself a can of pop while I pumped the gas. After I finished and got in line to pay I looked to see where he was. I soon found him by the front doors of the store. He was opening one for a woman with her arms full of groceries.

He accepted her thanks with a cheerful “no problem” and quickly moved to the other door to open it for a little girl struggling to pull it out. I smiled when I saw this wonderful goodness, kindness, politeness, and helpfulness in my son. He was so full of the habits of love that it warmed my heart. I told him what a fine, young man he has become as we walked back to the car. It is something I can never tell him enough.

Bringing Joy To The World

by Joseph Mazzella on December 6, 2010 in Biblepraise

I decided to take it easy today and just do a little work around the house while I listened to some Christmas carols. There is something about that sweet music that always delights my heart and brightens my day. There is nothing like a little JOY TO THE WORLD to bring a little joy to the soul.

Let It Flow

by Joseph Mazzella on July 26, 2010 in Biblepraise

I used to love to play in the woods near my home when I was a boy. I especially enjoyed sitting by a certain crystal clear mountain stream that flowed musically down the side of a hill.

Green moss covered the rocks and made a comfortable seat on either side of it and when I would bend down I could see my own smiling face reflected back at me. I used to love taking a sip of  its pure, sweet water. It always tasted like a drink from Heaven.

Works In Progress

by Joseph Mazzella on June 7, 2010 in Biblepraise

I snapped at my son today. In a moment of frustration I scolded him over something trivial that I could have easily ignored. I saw the hurt in his eyes after I did it and apologized to him.  Afterwards, I gave him a hug, reminded him of what a good son he is, and told him how proud I am of him. Still, I wished I could have taken back what I said earlier.

Work and Love

by Joseph Mazzella on August 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

My daughter was having trouble recently deciding on what to major in at college, so she asked my advice. I told her the one thing I wish that I had been told at her age: “Find a career that you love and you will never work a day.” She caught me off guard, though, when she next asked what she should do if she couldn’t get that career right away. What should she do if she had to take a job that she hated?